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Ndambiri deny involvement in shs 138 million e –learning scam

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has dismissed as malicious claims that he was involved in a Sh 138 million e-learning scandal.

Ndambiri has also dared Prof  Mwachodzi wa  Mwachofi who is linked to an International NGO feared  to have siphoned millions from unsuspecting school principals  to come out clearly and tell Kenyans  if he was sure the DG had pocketed any  proceeds from the   now dubious programme.

Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri address the media where he denies his involvement in a shs 138 million scam and telling the investigators to make their findings public
Photos by Irungu Mwangi/KNA

Mwachofi is said to be the Director for the Homeland Educational  International Project , which  is a subsidiary of the DLAMS  International, an NGO  that helps  schools  and students  in low  income areas to use technology   in improving their academic programmes.

Ndambiri wondered how he could be linked to the multi-million scandal for a nonexistent monetary transaction and challenged those implicating him to disclose who the complainant was.

A furious Ndambiri recalled how he was connected to Mwachofi through an Engineer from his village but became suspicious over the project.

“It’s true this Professor visited me with his two other colleagues whom I even accommodated at my home in Kanjinji village before they proceeded to meet   the various school principals  at Karoti Girls High school but nothing beyond that ,“he said .

He said he actually alerted the DCI upon learning that the said Professor had demanded Sh140,000 from one of school principals he met during a meeting at Karoti.

Ndambiri said the professor had insisted only schools with a population of between 300 to 400 form four students were qualified for the program and to that regard Karoti qualified in all aspects hence the meeting held there.

Addressing the media at his home Wednesday, Ndambiri also dismissed press reports that his children had some off shore accounts with millions therein.

“Neither myself nor any of my children has any account for foreign currency as claimed by a section of  the media  today  and I want to be categorical that the story published was not only malicious  but politically crafted to portray me as a corrupt leader  of  which am not,”he told  the press .

He further urged the DCI involved in this matter to also make public the findings over   the matter and further demanded the said media house to retract the story or face legal action since everything was falsehood.

Efforts to trace the said Mwachofi said to be an American citizen having migrated there when he was only aged seven were unsuccessful as his phone had been switched off.

Ndambiri has since urged his detractors to stop   the mudslinging campaign against him and his family over nonexistent issues and focus on matters that could assist the area residents.

By Irungu Mwangi

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