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Government to spend Sh15 million for Kazi Mtaani in Kirinyaga County

The National government in collaboration with the County government has recruited 5,000 youths for engagement in menial works across the county under the National Hygiene Programme (NHP).

The youths, according to the County Commissioner Kirinyaga Jim Njoka will earn daily Sh455 and Sh505 for supervisors from this July to December 2020.

Njoka who was speaking during the inauguration of the NHP County Implementation committee said close to Sh15 million will go to the payment of the youths in the County.

Members of the CIC in tour of the identification of the sites to be addressed by the Kazi Mtaani program.
Photos by Irungu Mwangi

He said already chiefs working with the Nyumba Kumi clusters have recruited the youths to make sure only deserving cases get the opportunity.

The CC said the social protection programme targets to empower the youths and women between the ages of 15 to 35 against the economics effects of Covid-19.

“We are telling the youths that the government came up with the programme to cushion them against the pandemic, this is not permanent employment,” Njoka said

He said from the proceeds, the youths will be able to support their families to buy food and medicine for those in need.

“The key activities for the six and a half long project will involve garbage collection, bush clearing along the main and feeder roads, unclogging of culverts and repair of drainages “Njoka told the members.

He said the youths enlisted in the programme will be expected to work from between 8.00 and 4 pm from Monday to Friday every week.

‘We have also ensured observance of gender balance during the recruitment by giving 50/50 opportunity to both male and female youths,” he said

The commissioner said the only requirement for those engaged is to have a mobile number with Safaricom line to facilitate payment through Mpesa.

County Implementation Team in a tour of Thiguku village in Kirinyaga West sub county where over five hundred families were forced to relocate from their homes due to flooding making them vulnerable.

He said the youths will receive their stipend directly from the headquarter and therefore important to ensure they give the correct details to avoid problems during the payments.

“Kirinyaga has already identified 35 sites which will keep the youths engaged for the next six and a half months,” Njoka said

The sites which are spread across the county have been divided according to the Sub counties with Mwea west allocated 378 youths and 12 supervisors.

Mwea East will have 830 youth and 28 supervisors, Kirinyaga Central 1,320 and 28 supervisors, Kirinyaga East 635 and 20 supervisors with the largest share of allocation going to Kirinyaga West, with 1440 and 48 supervisors.

“We are hoping the County government will provide the youths with lorries for garbage collection and small quantities of murram for upgrade of access roads,” he said

The entire project apart from giving the youths some earnings is also expected to reduce petty crimes among the communities.

“We want to bring back our youths, we will have an opportunity to talk to them on issues of drug, substance abuse and early pregnancies among others,” Njoka told the members.

By Irungu Mwangi


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