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Businessman calls for creation of public awareness on BBI Bill

Machakos County Chair of Contractors, Kilei Mutinda, has appealed for adequate sensitization campaigns to the public on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill to enable them to make informed decisions on the document.

Mutinda says the public need to be educated about the contents of the Bill following its overwhelming support by both Houses of Parliament to ensure they are familiar with what they will be voting for.

The Businessman who has announced his intention to run for the Mwala Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming general elections has also urged the government to ensure there are enough BBI booklets given to the public as one way of ensuring every Kenyan has acquainted himself with its contents.

“Now that the Senate and the National Assembly have passed the BBI Bill in its entirety, the next step should be to take the message to the masses at the grassroots. Let enough copies of the document be distributed to every corner of the country and allow each and every person to read the document for himself. This way, everyone will be in a position to make an informed decision in regard to which side to vote for without due influence from any quarter,” he said, while addressing the media in Machakos, yesterday.

Last Saturday, Machakos Woman Rep. Joyce Kamene, urged the residents of Machakos to support the BBI, insisting the document had many benefits for the local populace.

The Lawmaker who was visiting the family of a girl who was defiled in Musaalani village, Katheka Kai location in Mwala Sub-county said the fact that the document had been passed by the National Assembly was a clear testimony that it was ideal for the electorate.

She said Mwala was poised to reap immensely from the proposals contained in the document which proposes an addition of two constituencies.

“I appeal to the public not to be duped by anyone in regard to this document as it is meant for your own good and that of the whole country. Once it is passed, Mwala Sub-county is set to gain by getting two additional constituencies with two members of parliament. This translates to additional funds being devolved to the Sub-county to help in undertaking development programs for the people besides more money being set aside for school bursaries,” she had said.

By Samuel Maina

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