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Candidate dies after falling off a bridge

A 14-year-old class 8 candidate died after she slipped and fell at a railway bridge in Michina area, Molo sub-county.


Area assistant chief, Kennedy Kiago confirmed the incident terming this incident as an unfortunate one to lose such a promising young person at a very tender age.


Kiago said that the deceased, identified as Beatrice Gesare met her death when she went to the shop through the railway bridge route.


Gesare, the only daughter in her family, was not in the company of anyone when the incident occurred, adding it took a longtime for them to know that she was no more.


At first, she was reported missing on Sunday until yesterday when area residents found her lifeless body 30 metres above the ground.


According to the deceased’s parents, Gesare had been sent to the shop after attending a church service in the neighborhood and went missing that afternoon and efforts to trace her turned futile until when they got information from the neighbours.


Her father, David Nyaminja eulogised his daughter as jovial, hardworking and one who was always happy to be around people.  Her dream of becoming a teacher was prematurely shattered.


Area residents have numerously raised concerns over the deadly bridge that has in the past four months caused the loss of lives to three persons while seven others are recuperating. Some have even been crippled as a result of this.


The locals claimed that they have shared the matter that has been causing them sleepless nights with various officials but have not received any help from them to help curb such incidents.


They have no alternative routes and thus forced to use the railway bridge which poses a great threat to their day to day lives.


by Emily Kadzo / Jasmin Mutanu 

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