CAS Mosonik calls for renewed focus on diabetes

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The Chief Administrative Secretary for Petroleum and Mining Dr Eng John Mosonik has urged the Government to renew its focus on diabetes with the view of equipping more medical facilities to manage the ailing population closer to their area of residence.

Mosonik said diabetes was prevalent in the County terming it as a public health problem that needs due diligence in making diagnosis and subsequent management available in local health facilities reachable to common wananchi.

The CAS, speaking in Boito, Konoin Sub County Sunday, said diabetes was the leading predisposing factor to kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limp amputations.

He said this during his visit to Mzee David Towett and his daughter Daisy Chepkorir both of whom turned blind as a result of poorly managed case of diabetes.

He said such conditions would have not resulted in such devastating consequences should health facilities have been better equipped and staffed to handle diabetes.

“Residents of Bomet also need specialized renal and oncology services near their homes to attend to kidney and cancer cases that are on the rise in the county,” he noted.

Mosonik said building such important facilities for treatment could be done if the leadership could prioritize them.

“We have lost many people while several families have been impoverished by having to travel far away to access expensive specialized medication yet there are devolved funds meant for the health sector,” Mosonik said.

Mosonik further consoled the family of Elijah Langat, a Former Agricultural Officer Cheibei village of Boito who succumbed to kidney failure.

By Kipngeno Korir

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