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Casuals told to report at work stations

Casuals  whose contracts with the Kiambu County Government ended last week on Friday have been directed to continue reporting at their places of work.

The  Kiambu Acting Governor, Dr. James Nyoro, while addressing events to mark the County Aids Day at Kahawa Wendani Primary School  on Sunday  said all the casuals should not shy away from workplace even though their contracts ended.

“ Those who stay away from their workstations should not blame anyone as nobody has told them to absent themselves from their areas of operation.” Even those in enforcement department should continue working and ensure that work is done,” he said.

The Governor clarified that many people had been contracted on casual basis and that the County Government of Kiambu was putting her house in order so that their terms are clear and that everyone was placed where they can deliver best according to their training and experience.

Dr. Njoro made the remarks following allegations by Governor Ferdinand Waititu that he (Nyoro) had been sacking workers anyhow exposing their families to suffering.

Governor Waititu during the burial of Stanley Mwangi at Gitithia Village in Limuru Sub-County of Kiambu promised to reinstate all the affected workers, some whom he said were on contract.

The  deceased was a contractor with the County Govenment of Kiambu whom  Waititu  was of the opinion that his widow should be employed by the government of Kiambu in any area where she could work so as to take care of her children who are still very young.

The issue of casual workers has been a contentious issue with some employees being in possession of two or three letters and some with none at all but they have been drawing a salary from the County Government.

Since the Governor was barred from accessing his office, there have been demonstrations of some of the workers who claim they were on contract and should continue working.

During one of the demonstrations, they assembled outside Dr. Nyoro’s office, he addressed them after ejecting members of the press from the meeting.

He accused the press of fuelling the woes between him and the workers in what he said was an inhouse issue which he was not unable to solve.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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