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Catholic Bishop advises students to remain disciplined while at home

Ngong Catholic Diocese Bishop John Oballa Owaa has called on students to carry the values learnt in school at home, so that they can shine in the society.

Oballa advised the young students to set a good example in the society by spending a lot of time helping their parents during their short holiday, instead of being involved in unproductive activities.

The spiritual leader was speaking at Sister Mary Nkoitoi Secondary school in Narok North Sub County during a closing day meeting, where he called on the learners to avoid bad company that can collapse their morals.

“To my beautiful girls, I ask you not to choose to wear maternity dresses before graduation gowns. Please protect yourselves from friends who drag you into doing evil things,” he advised, asking them to report anyone who forcefully drags them into immoral activities.

At the same time, the spiritual leader called on parents to continue taking care of their children during the holiday season by advising them on what is good.

“Parents should know who the friends of their children are. They should keep a close eye on their children and become their best friends, role models and advisers,” he reiterated.

As a church, he said, they try to organize workshops to offer spiritual guidelines so that the young people do not have time to idle in the villages.

He also asked parents to save money early enough so that they can pay for the children whatever amount of money required in school to avoid sending children back at home when others are learning.

While congratulating President Dr. William Ruto for being elected as the fifth president of Kenya, Oballa lauded the initiative announced by the president to set-up a task force that will advise on the Competency Based Curriculum, with a view of strengthening the education system.

“We do not know what the task force report will be, but we believe that whatever the decision the government will take will be for the best of every child,” he said.

By Ann Salaton

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