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Weatherman warns Kisii Residents of Flash Floods

Kisii County Director of Weather Services, Mr. Henry Sese has advised the residents to be wary of flash floods which are likely to occur during this short rains season.

Speaking to the press at his office in Kisii town, Mr. Sese said there will be occurrences of storms that may cause flash floods despite the below-average rainfall expected during the months of October to December.

“Cases of flooding in few areas, especially low-lying areas or plains as well as landslides in susceptible areas may occur,” the Director pointed out.

The Weatherman asked the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to encourage residents to plant indigenous trees and embrace soil conservation measures in order to minimize environmental degradation caused by soil erosion.

He noted the possibility of outbreaks of diseases such as malaria, respiratory diseases, and waterborne diseases in some parts of the county and urged the health facilities to equip themselves with the necessary medication to enable them to handle such cases as they arise.

Further, the Director told the county government to repair water and sewerage systems to avoid the spilling over of the waste so as to minimize waterborne diseases.

Sese asked residents to avoid sheltering under trees or working in quarries while it’s raining and urged motorists to drive cautiously on slippery roads in order to steer clear of accidents.

Kisii County Red Cross Director, Wycliff Likhaya said they are forming ‘Early Warning, Early Action’ Committees which will send flash flood signals and alerts through the Short Message Service (SMS) to residents, especially in low-lying areas.

However, Likhaya decried the fact that most people do not take the alerts seriously to act in time to cushion themselves against floods.

“My office, the Office of the County Commissioner and all departments concerned shall have these committees to educate our people and we as Red Cross, are ready to support and give information regarding this matter,” he noted.

By Vincent Nyambane and Diana Tutu




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