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Mwingi farmers benefit from trade fair

Thousands of Mwingi farmers will benefit from a farmers’ trade show programme, organized by Pace Mark Marketing Solutions.

Pace Mark Solution in Partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and other companies who have joined hands to relay information and offer help to the farmers in different ways as a way of promoting both large and small farming in the area.

Speaking during the trade show at Mwingi Musila Gardens, Pace Mark Marketing Solutions marketer Joshua Muchai observed that the area is very dry which makes farmers face difficulty in farming and hence importance trainings are necessary to allow them overcome the situation.

The farmers were invited to the forum to be trained on how to improve their livelihoods by practicing the right procedures in farming.

Among the invited were Caritas, a Catholic NGO, seed companies, Ministry of Health, Agribiz, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Honey makers among others.

“Pace Mark Marketing Solution in Partnership with county government of Kitui has invited different NGOs and other companies that deal with farming produce to come and display the product as well as educate farmers on their use and they contribute positively to farming,” said Muchai.

In Caritas, the project officer Josphat Kasima said that through their Kitui Integrated Animal Welfare and Livelihood project, many farmers have benefited. They have enlightened them to know that donkeys they use in daily chores should be taken care of as they are part of the family. Caritas does this through a program known as Tunza Punda daima.

A farmer, Celestine Kimanzi said that she had learnt a lot in farming and urged more farmers to come later in large numbers to be trained on the same.

Janet Musili, a chairlady of Nzeluni Horticultural Growers Cooperative explained on how mangoes (the area is believed to be a hot bed) are dried in a manner they can be used for a full year without getting spoilt.

The organizers have urged farmers to come in large numbers for the trade show in order to fight hunger in the area. They believe that if the right measures are put in place, food production and livelihood will improve in the drought stricken community.

By Charles Matacho

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