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Catholic church does not approve of same sex union

The Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan archbishop Hubertus van Megen has said that the Catholic church does not approve of same sex union.

He said the recent declaration by the pope calling on priests to bless same sex unions does not in any way mean that the church approves of such unions but was meant to bring such people closer to God and in the process help them overcome their sin.

Speaking at the Eldoret Sacred Heart cathedral when he presided over the ordination of eight deacons, the archbishop said the blessings was meant for the individual persons but not a blessing of the relationship which he said was against the Christian teaching.

Bishop Dominic Kimengich of the Eldoret catholic diocese said the church recognizes that marriage is between a man and woman for life and therefore the declaration by the holy father does not in any way open doors for approval for same sex unions.

Bishop Kimengich who accompanied the nuncio said that in fact in the African context, it should not be called a blessing but a prayer for such people living in such unions which he termed as sinful to change.

 During his homily the Nuncio cautioned the clergy against aligning themselves with politicians saying this has led to the church being used by both the clergy and the politicians for their own individual achievements.

 He said once the clergy align themselves with politicians they lose their freedom to the politicians who now become their masters.

 He therefore called on the newly ordained deacons to emulate Christ who was born in the most humble of places and strive to give a helping hand to the poor and the downtrodden.

The archbishop said the wise men went to Herod thinking that Jesus would be born at the king’s palace only to learn that the true king was found not with the powers that be but among the downtrodden and urged the deacons to emulate them by seeking Christ among the poor.

By Alice Wanjiru

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