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Residents Advised to Celebrate Moderately During This Festive Season

Nyamira South Sub County Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Florence Obunga has advised residents in the area to celebrate moderately and avoid overindulgence which may land them in unwarranted trouble.

The DCC gave this advice during the ward public participation at Bogichora in Nyamira County saying that people have a tendency of overindulging in various activities during the festive season oblivious of the consequences associated with intemperance.

“People have a tendency of consuming excessive liquor which intoxicates them and causes them to act senselessly. Such intoxication makes some engage in criminal acts that land them in trouble with law enforcers. I warn that the law enforcers will arrest anyone who will be caught doing contrary to the law in the name of celebrating,” DCC Obunga warned.

She further advised parents to ensure they know the whereabouts of their children because many children are caught in conflict with the law or abused during this festive season and regret later when the situation has gone out of hand and cannot be helped.“I warn those licensed to sell liquor to ensure they operate their businesses within the stipulated timelines because anyone caught operating bars outside the stipulated time will face the full force of law. Bar operators must not allow minors in their business premises because it is against the law,” Warned Obunga.

Parents were counseled to engage their children meaningfully at home avoid loitering in towns and shopping centres and being exposed to harm.

She further reminded parents to celebrate cautiously bearing in mind that within a months’ time they will be expected to pay school fees and buy other mandatory necessities which will aid their children’s seamless learning.

The Sub County police commander, Moses Kirong who was also present said they have beefed up day and night security patrols to ensure the place is secure at the same time deal with those who do contrary to the set law of the land.

“Bodaboda riders have a tendency of staying in the streets beyond the time we have said at night. Anyone who will be caught past 2300oclock at night will be arrested and charged in court. Several accidents are caused by riders who are given what is popularly known as ‘squad’. They ride without any training, license and/or appropriate attire to ride a motorcycle. Do your business at the right time and in accordance with riding regulations,” Mr. Kirong stated.

He warned riders against being used to ferry illegal goods like illicit brew, and even criminals who terrorize residents in various homesteads within the sub county and said once arrested they will also be charged as accomplices to criminal activities.

“Report any criminal activities which you will notice going round your areas of stay so that we can intensify our patrols and deal with those criminals making other people lives uncomfortable,” he said

The officers wished residents a merry Christmas and happy 2023 full of blessings, success.

By Deborah Bochere

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