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IC and DE CS launches first public hot spot Migingo market in Bondo

The  Information Communication and Technology (ICT) authority has launched a public hot spot at Migingo market in Bondo Subcounty.

The public hotspot will provide free access to  Wi-Fi services to small scale traders at the market to enhance  trade across digital platforms.

Speaking during the launch, Information Communication and Digital Economy CS .Eliud Owalo said the launch is in line with the governments’ plan of providing access to internet connectivity to members of the public across the country.

Mr Owalo disclosed that the government plans to establish twenty five thousand public hot spots zones in the country to encourage access to the internet in 2023.

He said the launch comes at a time when the government is paying unprecedented attention to improve every sector of the economy where access to stable and safe internet connectivity has been earmarked as an integral enabler.

The IC and DE CS further stated that the success of the recently launched hustler fund depends on functional digital technology everywhere in the country.

“My ministry is focused on ensuring the availability of digital technology to all Kenyans regardless of the social economic status in accordance to digital economy blue print,” Owalo said

“Both Free Wi-Fi and hustler funds are promises by President William Ruto to empower people who are lower in the social pyramid,” he added.

The CS said the year 2023 will be marked by access to free internet by most Kenyans urging the people of Nyanza to take full advantage of both the free internet and hustler funds to boost their economic livelihoods.

“Those who boarded the boat earlier are already reaping huge benefits. The choice before us is to move with the rest of the country or to be left behind,” he told the people of Nyanza.

He further revealed that the government is not only committed to ensure the laying of one thousand five hundred kilometers of fibre optics but also ensure everyone is connected to the internet superhighway where they can benefit from the numerous online opportunities.

CS Eliud Owalo officially launches a public hotspot at Migingo market in Bondo Sub County.The hotspot is expected to provide free Wi-fi to traders in the market covering 200meters radius.The internet connectivity is expected to boost trade using online platforms.

The CS who was hosted by Bondo MP Dr Gideon Ochanda and a host of other local leaders on the other hand defended his food distribution exercises in Nyanza which has come under sharp criticism from a section of local leaders saying it is quite insensitive to provide free wi-fi to hungry people adding that even as he provides free internet connectivity he will continue with free food distribution in the region.

Dr Ochanda said he fully supports governments’ initiatives to improve lives of the people and asked other leaders to shun politics and focus on development.

“This is the time to focus on improving the lives of our people. I fully support the government and Mr Owalo’s efforts to improve the lives of our people.Election ended and we must now shun partisan politics, “said Ochanda

He on the other hand encouraged the public to embrace the free Wi-Fi services and use it to improve their lives.

“We are now moving into a paperless economy. Everything will be done digitally and therefore our people need to embrace trading digitally,” he said

The legislature on the other hand warned traders against using the service negatively especially to insult leaders.

The occasion was attended by officials from ICT authority and provincial administrators.

By Brian Ondeng


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