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CBC contractors want their payment reviewed

Marakwet West Sub County contractors building classrooms for the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) want the government through the Ministry of Education to increase their pay given the uneven terrain of the region and the high cost of materials.

The contractors now want their pay increased to sh. 1 million from the Sh. 788,000 per classroom saying that the current pay is making them run at a loss.

Some have pulled out of phase two of constructions noting that they have incurred losses and others have not been paid for the first phase.

Speaking to KNA, Benjamin Kimeli Rotich, a contractor, said that the figures quoted by the government are too low when it comes to Marakwet region and should be revised upwards.

He said that some contractors were forced to abandon works, despite having contracts because they could not bear losses.

They want the price increased saying that not only is the terrain tricky but the cost of materials have increased, citing that the high prices of construction materials such as sand, cement, roofing sheets and labor has become a problem to them.

The first phase of the project has been completed and the second phase is ongoing.

Marakwet West Sub County Director of Education, Julius Ngoneshi noted that the issue of cost review has been raised and the ministry was looking into the matter.

He added that even as the ministry is looking into it the contractors agreed to the prices when signing the contract agreements so it may be tricky.

He added that the rescinded contracts were awarded to other contractors with the capability of carrying them out to completion. “The classrooms will be ready on time to accommodate students joining junior high school,” said Ngoneshi.

He noted that all contractors will be paid and they should be a little patient.

By Rennish Okong’o

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