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CBO Opposes County Headquarters Municipality Boundary

The  Tharaka Nithi  Njuri  Ncheke Secretary Mutegi Kiungo  addressing the press shortly after  CIDA complaints about the extension of Chuka  town boundaries  on Tuesday July  7, 2020. Photo  by  KNA.
The Members  of CIDA disperse after they gave a press brief  in Chuka Town on Tuesday July 7, 2020. Photo by KNA.

A  team of elders in Tharaka Nithi County is up against the extension of the municipality boundary which they claim is against a court ruling.

The  Chuka Igambang’ombe Development Association (CIDA) has condemned the extension of Kathwana municipality to Kangutu in Karingani ward which is contrary to a court ruling back in 2019 that the boundary should be at Kaanwa in Mariani ward.

The  CIDA Chairman, Gitari Kea  on Tuesday said that anyone who wishes to change the municipality boundary should call for a public participation forum or go to court to challenge the ruling that was made in 2019.

“No one should just wake up and place signage to mark the boundary for the municipality without going to court or seeking the views of the community involved,” said  Gitari.

He said they read mischief when someone places a boundary signage at night which is causing tension and mistrust among the community members involved.

Their  sentiments were echoed by the Tharaka Nithi Region Njuri Ncheke Secretary, Mutegi Kiungo  who confirmed that the Meru Supreme Council of Elders was not involved and would never support anyone who is breaking the law.

“Njuri Ncheke cannot support anyone who is dividing a community because our major role is to unite the Meru people from Thuchi to Ntonyiri by handling disputes in a manner that ensures peace prevails,” said the secretary.

Kiungo said the Meru Council of Elders always listens to the disputes and requested those who are shifting boundaries to seek the intervention of Njuri Ncheke which has been there even before the courts.

“Njuri Ncheke is best placed to clear the air about the municipality of Kathwana and hence the need to seek its intervention rather than continue fighting each other over petty issues that could derail the development of our county,” said Kiungo.

By David Mutwiri/Monicah Nyagah

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