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CDF Boss Decry Low Public Participation Turn Up

A Constituency Development Fund (CDF) coordinator in Tharaka Nithi County has decried the low turnout to public participation forums that are meant to discuss views of how the annual allocations should best be utilized for the good of their constituency.

Chuka-Igambang’ombe Constituency (CDF) coordinator Justin Ngaine said it is unfortunate that residents of the constituency fail to turn up for public participation meetings only later to cry foul that they have been sidelined in budgetary allocations.

“All constituencies are expected to receive Sh36 million very soon and I take this chance to request members of the public to avail themselves for public participation so that they may have an input on the expected CDF allocations,” said Ngaine.

Speaking during a public participation forum held in Chuka town Tuesday, the CDF boss said that the allocations need prior planning before being submitted to the National Government CDF board for approval and without the constituents input, some may be left complaining after decisions have been made.

He disclosed that out of the Sh136 million, 43% will take care of emergency cases, administration, monitoring and evaluation, sports environment and bursaries, while the remainder will be channeled towards development projects.

He said it is important for the constituents to give direction as to what emergency measures are needed in their areas, besides appropriate development projects not forgetting how bursaries should be distributed within the constituency.

According to the Constituency Development Fund Act, The National Government CDF (NG-CDF) committee is supposed to develop project proposals through periodic ward level open forums and submit them to the NG-CDF Board.

Upon approval, the board should then facilitate the planning, implementation and sustenance of the projects once completed.

 By Domenic Ntoog and David Mutwiri


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