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Change of opening date for schools

The  opening of schools for third term has been postponed from 26th August to September 2 to accommodate the forthcoming National Population Census.

In a Press release on Thursday, the  Education Principal Secretary (PS), Dr. Belio Kipsang said the opening dates coincided with the census scheduled on the night of 24th/25th August necessitating the change, saying  the third term will now run from 2nd, September to 25th, October 2019.

“For the forthcoming census to be successful, it is the desire of the National Bureau of Statistics that there be minimum movement of the population so as to get many people in conventional households. This will enhance the data quality as all students will be captured,” Kipsang said in the press release dated 8th, August.

The  development that affects all schools, colleges and universities comes at a time when preparations are underway countrywide for the census which takes place after every ten years.

By  Andy  Morgan

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