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Chiefs intensify crackdown on illegal brews

As the rampant presence of illicit alcohol in Bomet County continues to wreak havoc on the societal moral fabric, Chiefs and their Assistants have stepped up efforts to rid the county of second generation brews as well as chang’aa and Busaa.

Silibwet –Township location Chief, Reuben Ngetich, told KNA Wednesday, that days leading to the just concluded General Elections saw an upsurge in involvement in chaotic binge drinking, especially among the youths.

Ngetich said Bomet town and Silibwet witnessed rampant use of second generation drinks, often retailing at an average of Sh100 which, in his own terms, was accessible to all and sundry.

He said in the past two months he and a contingent of other administrators, were able to nab over 500 litres of chang’aa and over 2000 litres of busaa in notorious areas, including Raia, Chepng’aina and other environs of Bomet town.

He said the trend of residents taking advantage of the frenzy related to political campaigns is a predictable cycle that must be ruthlessly stemmed.

Bomet County Commissioner, Beverly Opwora, in a past event had issued a firm instruction to all Chiefs and their Assistants, saying ridding the County of all illicit drugs was a responsibility that the Government will not tire of.

Her sentiments, backed up by Bomet Governor, Prof Hillary Barchok, also touched on the harmful effects the illicit brews have had on the overall socio-economic development of the region.

Further afield, Bomet County Police Commander, Esther Seroney, warned residents of parts of Chepalungu and Bomet East of engagement in rampant drinking that has often been seen to be the root cause of domestic violence and sexual offences.

By Kipngeno Korir

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