Chiefs Put on Notice Over Gambling  

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Chiefs and assistant chiefs in Bureti sub county risk losing their jobs if they fail to act on illegal gambling dens within their areas of jurisdiction.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Mr. George Natembeya has put the administrators on notice after it emerged that the illegal gambling activity was still in operation in the area.

The tough talking Natembeya said that the government will no longer entertain operation of the illegal slot machines businesses in the area and was determined to ruthlessly deal with the chiefs and their assistants who failed to contain the vice.

“The national government administrators are the government eye on the ground and it is their responsibility to ensure that the rule of law is always upheld. Go home and clean up your area before the government sends you home on discovering the illegal lotto machines in your area of jurisdiction,” he said.

Speaking at Litein Boys high school Wednesday during a public baraza, Natembeya also took issue with security agencies and government administrators colluding with the notorious illicit brewers to propagate irresponsible drunkenness, thereby leaving a trail of destruction in many families.

“We will crackdown on security officers as well as government officers offering protection to these merchants of death to propagate their illegal businesses. We won’t not allow the illegal business to take root in the sub-county and we shall conduct a total clean-up of all the crooked public officials,” he added.

The Regional Commissioner called on the local administrators to intensify the war on illicit brews in their areas of jurisdiction by working together with security officers to conduct intensified crackdowns, adding that the government seeks to enforce a zero tolerance policy on illicit alcohol in the area.

By Sarah Njagi

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