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Children officer raises concern over Child negligence

The Children Department in Murang’a County has raised concerns over increased cases of child negligence.

In a period of a week, the department has been handling two or three cases of child negligent from different parts of the county.

In the last financial year, Mathioya Sub County alone recorded 1, 399 cases of children who had been neglected by their parents or guardians.

The County Children Officer Ms Rhoda Mwikya said in other sub counties the number of cases is almost similar with that of Mathioya.

She observed that most children being neglected are from families which are led by single parents.

“Most cases of child negligence are reported from families headed by a single parent. Poverty can be attributed as the main reason for these cases,” Mwikya told KNA in her office on Monday.

She stated that some single parents when unable to support the welfare of their children, they abandon them.

“Others even leave their children with aged grandparents who have nothing to offer them forcing the young ones to start begging for food among other basic necessities. Domestic wrangles can also been attributed to increased cases of child negligence,” remarked Mwikya.

She added that poor parenting skills are also a major factor.

“Failure to provide sex education by parents or guardians to children exposes them to teenage pregnancies. A child ends up getting a baby and the parent finds it a burden of providing for both of them,” Mwikya claimed.

“Some neglected children are brought to our offices by chiefs or by people of goodwill,” Mwikya added.

The children officer encouraged people to adopt children and embrace education on positive parenting skills as a way to curb the vice.

By Bernard Munyao and Justine Nafula

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