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Cholera outbreak claims another life in Kitui 

An outbreak of Cholera has claimed another life in Kitui county where two other patients were hospitalized in critical condition after testing positive to highly contagious disease.

Preliminary reports into the outbreak indicated that the three patients were referred to Kitui Level 4 hospital after developing complication while undergoing treatment at a remote village in Mbitini location, about 40 kilometers from Kitui town.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Nkulet Martin confirmed that one of the patients succumbed to Cholera related complications but urge members of the public to be vigilant and maintain high levels of hygiene standards to avert the spread of the epidemic.

“The three were rushed to the health facility after complaining of continuous diarrhoea and were admitted for treatment as well as serious investigations on the cause of the disease” said Dr. Martin, adding that one of them died while receiving medical attention.

The Assistant Director Faith Mutinda who also spoke to the press echoed Dr. Nkulet’s words and advised the county residents to uphold high levels of hygiene in their homes and to be cautious on water and food, in an effort to help curb the spread of the deadly disease and as well help health service providers in battling it.

The medics further advised the locals to immediately report any suspected cases of diarrhoea to the nearest health facilities for swift response in efforts to avoid more fatalities emanating from the disease.

Following the death and confirmation of Cholera outbreak, locals have expressed shock, lamenting on a possible health disaster which is dependent on the immediacy with which health measures will be put in place to prevent further spread of the disease.

The strike of the water-borne killer disease comes in the wake of acute water shortage across the county, resulting from the dry taps for the last two weeks.

Hard hit areas by the acute water shortage includes the entire Kitui town and a larger section of the county that depend on supply of water from Kitui Water and Sewarage Company, (KITWASCO).

Reasons for cut of the water supply remains unknown as the water company authority has not yet issued statements over the same.

The country has been battling Cholera since late last year, with scores of the 47 counties reporting its occasional but fatal outbreaks.

By Glory Ndanu and Gloria Mwende




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