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Christians Urged To Use Social Media Platforms Responsibly

ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has advised Christians and Kenyans to use social media platforms responsibly and for prosperity of humanity.

Sapit in his last Sunday sermon at St James Cathedral in Murang’a observed that the world is changing but the change should not make Christians to waiver in their faith.

He observed that churches are also embracing social media in their daily operations but noted that the platforms may lead Christians to criminals and irresponsible behaviors.

“Parents need to stand by their faith and avoid being enticed to evil through social media. We have children who are growing up and they need to be protected from evils that come with the digital platforms,” said the Archbishop when he led congregants to mark 37th anniversary of the Mount Kenya North diocese.

He added that change of ways of doing things and adoption of the new technology should not be a reason for Christians to weaken their faith in God.

“Christians all the time need to stand by their faith. This should not be affected by the new technology. We know criminals are currently using social media to perpetuate crime and that is why I advise Christian to stand firm and defend what is right,” he added.

With Covid-19 pandemic, Sapit noted that use of digital platforms assisted churches to reach congregants when they were not allowed to attend services as a way of controlling spread of the virus.

“We were able to use social media to preach to Christians but that does not mean digital platforms are safe. There are those who use them to spread hatred, immorality among other forms of social misfits,” noted the Archbishop.

Sapit further said, the increase of immorality which has been witnessed among young people, is highly caused by use of social media.

“Young people who use social media without proper parental guidance risk to fall to tricks of bad companies which introduce them to immoral behaviors. The responsibility of protecting our children from bad people should be taken seriously. We need to protect future generations,” he further said.

By Bernard Munyao

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