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Huduma Namba to ease provision of services and accelerate growth

Acquiring identification under the Huduma Namba  will ease access to government services besides speeding up development in the county, Labor and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary (CS),  Amb. Ukur  Yattani has said.

Amb. Yattani pointed out that the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) would enable the government to be more precise in its planning, hence accelerate growth for improved living standards of the people.

The CS cautioned against negative propaganda being spread by certain entities about NIIMS and asked Marsabit residents to register for the Huduma namba to the last man.

Amb. Yattani who was officiating at the launch of the registration exercise for Marsabit county at Moi girls secondary school grounds on Tuesday asked the public administration to spearhead awareness campaign about the exercise so that nobody is left out.

“I have realized that most people are yet to get full information about what NIIMS is all about and I would urge those concerned to heighten the civic education in all corners of the county to enable the public to understand why the Huduma namba is being generated and its purpose,” said the CS.

Amb. Yattani  who was accompanied by MPs, Musa Arbele (Laisamis), Qalicha Gufu (Moyale) and Chachu Ganya (North Horr) said the exercise would also enable the government to render security more effectively as those who have fraudulently acquired identity cards and birth certificates will be exposed.

“We know there are cases where the issuance of identity cards was abused with one ID being used to sponsor more than 40 persons or even a hundred to acquire the crucial document,” he pointed out during the function which was also attended by local County Commissioner (CC), Gilbert Kitiyo.

Yattani  further  said that generation of Huduma namba would help in the fight against corruption, adding that everybody would get services that they deserve, including  foreigners.

The  CS advised anyone with a compelling reason to make them worry about enrolling in NIIMS to seek assistance from security authorities.

NIIMS seeks to consolidate in one digital file birth certificate, ID, KRA PIN, NSSF, NHIF, Driving License, Passport and other documents which will be the single source of truth about an individual.

The  Marsabit Deputy governor, Solomon  Gubo assured of cooperation and support for the national government exercise saying the new system would have a direct impact on not just service delivery but also national planning and security.

On  their part, the MPs asked the residents to ignore misinformation and lies being peddled about Huduma namba registration and that those still skeptical should register.

Arbele  called on Marsabit residents not to be left behind as all services from the government would be dispensed using the Huduma namba.

“I urge you to register early and avoid the last minute rush,” the MP advised.

Meanwhile, the ongoing registration exercise has created 500 jobs for local youth as registration clerks and they have so far listed 9600 residents in the region.

By  Sebastian  Miriti

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