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CJ Koome unveils e-filing, AJS centre in Mandera

Chief Justice Martha Koome has inaugurated an e-filing system and the Maslaha Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) Centre, along with a High Court Sub-Registry in Mandera County.

This marks a significant milestone in the region’s pursuit of access to the national justice system.

The newly introduced e-filing system aims to streamline case filing and pleading processes, enhance case tracking, and improve the overall experience for both litigants and legal professionals.

Chief Justice Koome emphasised the judiciary’s commitment to bringing justice closer to the people. She also stressed that the traditional adversarial system of justice, while important, is not the sole means of dispute resolution.

Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) are expected to be more accessible, affordable, familiar, and less bureaucratic, making justice more attainable for the local population.

The establishment of Magistrate courts in Elwak and Takaba, alongside Kadhis courts in Lafey, Rhamu, and Banisa, coupled with groundbreaking initiatives such as e-filing, a High Court sub-registry, and the AJS Maslaha suite, represents a significant stride towards a more efficient and accessible justice system.

Governor Mohamed Khalif of Mandera expressed his gratitude to the Judiciary, highlighting the tangible impact of these developments.

He noted that these initiatives have significantly reduced the distance people in Mandera need to travel for access to justice, with over 300 kilometres saved for access to the Mandera Law Courts and an impressive 600-kilometre reduction in the journey to the High Court in Garissa.

These measures break down barriers and bring justice closer to the people.

By Adan Mohamed

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