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CJ Koome launches environment and land court users’ committee

Chief Justice (CJ) Martha Koome has launched the Environment and Land Court Users Committee (E&L CUCs) with the mandate of solving land disputes and environmental preservation.

Speaking at the launch held at a Nairobi hotel on Monday, the CJ said the committee would implement the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) vision of centering justice to the people of Kenya and assured all stakeholders that E&L CUCs would assist the Judiciary in developing techniques that would help serve the future generation.

“This is a justice system that will put people at the heart of everything the JSC has to offer,” said Koome and added that she was looking forward to a Judiciary that allows people to be involved in accessing justice.

“We need a Judiciary that is people driven and meets the publics’ needs as well as giving them confidence in the judicial system,” she stated.

The CJ said the Judiciary was there to serve the people, enhance access to justice and create socially just outcomes for all citizens.

“This is by expanding the doors of the judicial system to all citizens irrespective of their location or their socio-economic status,” said Koome.

She stated that administration of justice is undertaken on behalf of Kenyans and appealed to the government to consider establishing more Environments and Land Courts (ELC) and increase the number of judges.

Speaking at the event, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary (CS) Keriako Tobiko noted that the environment is critical to human beings, and commended JSC for the progress they have achieved on environmental preservation.

He also mentioned that Kenya has enshrined the right to be a clean and conducive environment globally.

“It is important for the Judiciary to work with relevant stakeholders in solving issues such as pollution which is one of the major crises in the world,” he added.

The Ministry of Land and Physical Planning Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney appreciated the reforms that have been undertaken to administer justice as well as enable more access to courts.

CS Karoney stated that her ministry is working with the Judiciary to ensure that all Kenyans have access to the judicial system and is focused on digitalization to ensure proper documentation and recovery of documents.

She said that her office is trying to build credible data for a common understanding with all stakeholders on issues concerning land.

“The E&L CUCs is a key factor in solving land issues and through the collaboration with my office, we are committed to the administration of justice in Kenya,” said Karoney.

By Manu Mumba and Fardosa Bonaya

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