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Clean up of Huduma Namba data to begin immediately after closure of exercise

Over 36 million people have so far registered for the Huduma Namba  which was extended for one more week to enable Kenyans who had not registered to do so.

The Government Spokesman, Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus  Oguna  has however, said that those who will still miss out at the conclusion  of the mass registration exercise for the Huduma  Namba  will be able to do so at their respective local assistant chiefs’ offices.

Oguna  reiterated that there will be no further extension to the exercise which ends in two days’ time on Saturday May  25, and added that after the deadline, registration for the Huduma

Namba   will  be taken back to the assistant chiefs so that anybody who will have missed to register now can then do so at the chiefs’ camps.

The  spokesman  who  was  speaking on Thursday during a press briefing at the Media Centre  at Telposta Towers noted that the decision will give room for the “cleaning exercise’ on gaps in the data of those who will have not registered properly and may be called upon to do so afresh.

“For  those whose data will be required to be repeated, they will be communicated to go and register afresh at their respective local assistant chief’s office,” said

Oguna  who further urged the public to take advantage of the remaining days to register for the NIIMS number and avoid the hustle of queuing for long periods at the assistant chief’s office due to other engagements.

He  said for Kenyans in the diaspora, the Huduma Namba mass registration will continue until June 20 as earlier announced.

A  statement by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week on Friday said 42,000 ‘young’ Kenyans are working as Registration Assistants, another 8,000 as registration Officers and 400 as ICT officers in all sub counties.

By  Alice Gworo

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