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Clergy Condemn Acts of Political Thuggery

The recent attacks visited on Deputy President, Dr. William Ruto and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga by political hirelings should be condemned by all peace-loving Kenyans.

The Head of African Divine Church (ADC) in East Africa, Archbishop John Chabuga said the youth still bubbling with energy should channel them towards accomplishing meaningful development initiatives to better their lives.

Archbishop Chabuga said it was unfortunate watching goons captured on Television while attacking the leaders on different political forums for either supporting or opposing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“We are enjoying peace which no one should take for granted. As such our elected leaders should take the lead in protecting our democratic spaces without fear or favor”, the clergyman.

He was speaking to KNA in Kisumu soon after presiding over the burial of Mama Tabitha Kipserem at Musawa village, Gamalenga location of Hamisi Constituency, Vihiga County Saturday.

Archbishop Chabuga urged the government to strengthen the national social protection programme to cater for the increasing number of elderly persons who have attained 70 years and above and are now qualified to start benefitting from the older persons cash transfer to ensure they lead a quality life.

“It was at such advanced age that society tended to forget the elderly at their hour of critical need. The current generation should not abandon retirees claiming that they failed to invest yet their only crime was to enable the younger generation to pursue higher education,” he pointed out.

Archbishop said cases abound where the elderly get trampled upon by close relatives expecting to appreciate all the good done to them by such people who are now desperate in their sunset days when they become more like children and so deserved tender care and love.

He called upon elected leaders among them Dr. Charles Gimose, the MP for Hamisi who attended the funeral, to come up with necessary policies or polish up the existing ones with a view to safeguarding the welfare of the elderly people in society.

“In ADC for example, we value and cherish women leadership at all levels. Women have huge potentials but owing to archaic traditions and customs majority of them have been consigned to peripheral roles thus frustrating their contributions to date,” he stated.

On the rising cases of indiscipline in learning institutions where some pupils and students viciously attacked and injured teachers, Archbishop Chabuga cautioned the youth against engaging in such criminal acts including arson and destruction of school property.

He warned that beating up your teachers is just like doing so to your own parents and will ultimately attract a lifetime curse.

The clergyman also urged leadership in the church and parliament to be more careful not to wash their dirty linen in the full glare of the cameras for this is exactly what the young people will pick up.

“I have witnessed past incidents where even pastors who have been transferred failed to take it positively and so engaged in unnecessary battles with perceived enemies. Similar incidents have also been seen in parliament and government with claims of some communities being side-lined,” he said.

Archbishop Chabuga also took a swipe at faithful who rushed to lockout pastors and other servants of God from their churches, arguing that this was like preventing police officers from upholding security and so abetted criminal acts.


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