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Clergy supports Nyandarua Alcohol Control Act

The clergy in Nyandarua have thrown their weight behind the new county alcohol control act and vowed to use their influence to ensure the act is strictly observed to save a generation from alcoholism.

Speaking in Ol Kalou town during a press briefing, the Nyandarua County Levitical Pastors Fellowship urged members of the public to join hands with them in combating the vice.

Led by Reverend John Ngenye, the Levitical Chairperson, the clergy asked the county leadership to implement the act to ensure that a generation is saved.

They said the most urgent of the new proposals should be the branding of vehicles transporting or selling alcohol and the zoning of designated areas where alcohol is sold.

Ngenye condemned those sellers who have been profiteering from the sale of alcohol at the expense of people’s lives.

“We are encouraging the county leadership to ensure they implement the laws so that we can be able to curb the menace of alcoholism.

“The business people involved in the sale should understand that we are not fighting them, but we are trying to save lives, and the victims are our relatives and children,” said Reverend Ngenye.

The clergy at the same time urged the government to consider setting up more rehabilitation centres in the county to complement the one in the Kaptein area of Nyandarua County.

At the same time, the clergy urged the members of the public to be tolerant for those recovering from alcoholism, saying plans are underway to reintegrate those who have been to rehabilitation centres back in society.

They added that the new law will help stem the unfortunate deaths, addiction, and destitution in the area that has seen alcoholic-related deaths in the past.

They also said that the law will ensure there is security in the area, as many youths who are deep into alcoholism have been caught engaging in theft to sustain their dependency.

By Antony Mwangi

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