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Coast Referral Hospital gets equipment worth Sh.200 Million

The  Health Cabinet Secretary (CS), Sicily Kariuki commissioned CT Scan equipment worth Sh.200 million at Coast Provincial Teaching and Referral Hospital in Mombasa.

The  CS said the launch and handing over of the equipment to the centre will help in advanced diagnosis of patients to increase the level of precision and that staff will be trained on how to handle it.

She  said national government would collaborate with county government to ensure universal Health coverage was achieved observing that Mombasa County under Governor Hassan, Ali Joho had taken seriously matters of health by its level of investment in health.

The CS said national government had made deliberate efforts to support the county governments construct radiotherapy centres for facilitation and care to cancer patients.

Kariuki  who addressed the media on Saturday after touring Coast Provincial Teaching and Referral Hospital said tremendous effort have been made to reduce cancer cases citing the President’s launch of the national HPV vaccine in preventing cervical cancer in Mombasa on Friday.

“I am happy to note the chemotherapy centre which is already in operation in this hospital has been a joint project between the national government, Mombasa County and the private sector and it is already serving hundreds of patients from this region,” said  the CS.

She  equally commended county government of Mombasa on the immunization coverage rate.

“We  are also here to hand over cool chain equipment and motorcycles to help in immunization outreach program worth Sh.40 million,” she said.

The  CS  urged the county government to continue investing in human resources which is one of the most critical drivers of Universal Healthcare Coverage.

Kariuki  commended the county government for the outreach clinics that Mombasa has started which will help in decongesting the CGTRH and part of the approaches needed across the country to realize universal health coverage.

The  Mombasa Deputy Governor, William Kingi lauded the CS for supporting the county especially with the Managed Equipment Services (MES) program.

He said it is through collaboration with the national government that they were able to realize the levels of service delivery promising continued collaborations in several concerns regarding the hospital.

By  Joseph  Kamolo

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