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Land grabbers put on notice

Land  grabbers in Moyale County have been put on notice after reports emerged that some individuals have encroached onto government land.

Speaking  at  Baraza Park  during this year’s Mashujaa Day Celebration, the  Moyale Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Patrick Mumali noted that there were some selfish individuals who have started encroaching on Gubaticha area where both the National and the county governments had earlier on declared a no go zone.

The land is entrusted to the county government of Marsabit and is at the midst of three locations namely Butiye, Golmuda, Heilu and Manyatta Burji locations.

Mumali said that there has been a trend of land grabbers who are now targeting public land, thinking they can get away with it.

“It is a sense of impunity, but be warned that if government declares the land to belong to no one then no one should dare to encroach the land and those who have started encroaching Gubaticha area have their days numbered and will soon be arrested and prosecuted,” Mulali said

The  DCC’s  sentiments were echoed by the Sub-County peace forum committee chairman, Mohammednur Korme  who said the Baraza Park and a part of  Township Primary School  within Moyale town had been encroached, saying  Baraza Park has been turned into a vehicle park.

The chairman also appealed to the DCC and his security committee members to investigate the criteria to lease out the land belonging to the Postal Corporation where very many rental houses have been built.

He said if the government does not take swift measures there will be no places to hold meeting in the near future.

By  Gatana  Muchira

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