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Coffee farmers halt selling of their produce

Irate  farmers of a Murang’a Coffee factory on Friday blocked ferrying of their produce without their permission.

Farmers  allied to Irera Coffee factory in Kandara stopped the management from loading their produce on waiting lorries to be ferried to a buyer’s premises.

The  farmers accused the management of the factory of failing to inform them where the coffee was being taken to and the price payable for their merchandise.

They  alleged that the management opted to sell their produce without informing the farmers since they decided to go for a lesser price.

One  of  the farmers, Ms Netah Njeri wondered why the factory’s management decided to sell their coffee without involving them as it has been the norm.

Njeri noted that in the past, the management has been involving them where they agree on the price of their produce.

“We are angry that the management last year paid us Sh. 24 per delivered kilo of coffee which is meager. This year we were expecting to get more than Sh. 40 per kilo but it seems our officials are trying to sell our produce without involving us,” added Njeri.

“At  the time of  selling of our coffee, the management has been engaging us and we arrive on a buyer who is giving better prices but this time we wonder who sold our coffee and at how much,” posed Njeri.

Another farmer, Elijah  Mungai observed that they will not allow their coffee to be taken to an unknown place at an unknown price.

Mungai claimed that other neighbouring factories  were paying Sh. 60 per kilo of coffee delivered compared to Sh. 24 they were paid last year.

He  called upon the cooperative officers to do an audit of the management of their factory so as to expose mismanagement of their money.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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