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Committee raises concern over stray dogs in Nanyuki

The  Laikipia County Environment Committee has decried the large number of stray dogs in Nanyuki town.

The  Committee urged the owners of the canines to be responsible, adding that the presence of the dogs in town is due to lack of food at home.

The  dogs are mostly seen during the night at garbage dumpsites at residential areas and the main Nanyuki town, scrubbing for something to eat.

People  living in residential areas where the stray animals go looking for food, are living in great fear because they can prey on their small livestock and children.

The  Committee has tasked the County Department of Livestock to come up with a plan on how to manage the stray dogs, and even if possible to trace their owners.

The Committee chaired recently by Laikipia County Director of Environment and Natural Resources, Kingori  Kariuki, agreed that Impala Research Institute should be approached to help in the matter.

“Stray dogs are dangerous and need to avoid conflicts with human beings because they can bite those within their vicinity, when they are trying to mate or are fighting among themselves,” noted Kariuki.

The Committee noted that quick action should be taken to ensure that no dog is seen roaming about within the town.

By  Margaret  Kirera

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