Communities living around the forest receive donation worth Sh.1 million

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Communities living in and around Mt. Elgon forest have received assorted donation worth Sh.1 million from Chepkitales indigenous development project in support to fight COVID 19 pandemic.

According to the Director Chepkitale indigenous development project, Martin  Simotwo the main aim of the group is conservation of the forest and fighting for human rights.

However, they cannot continue sticking to their objective while the world is fighting against Covid-19 pandemic.

Simotwo  said that the assorted equipment include 10 thermo guns, 50 litres jerry can, 55 washing jell, two personal protective gears, Masks, delivery beds, assorted drugs worth Ksh.54,000 and lab equipment worth Ksh.137,000.

He further noted that on the same funding they will support and facilitate Community health volunteers to continue with sensitizing communities on Covid 19 pandemic.

According to the Project Officer, Laban Kiproyoch said the organization will further sponsor health officer sensitization on local radio in a local language to ensure that the message of COVID 19 sensitization reach everyone living in the forest and its environ.

The County acting Director of Sanitation, Philip Sagini, who was representing the county government thanked the group for the donation to community living within the forest.

Sagini said that this will encourage them having had a challenge in terms of health facility.

The acting director said that Covid-19 is here to stay despite the president removing some of the restrictions that were placed on the country.

However, the county government of Bungoma will continue fumigating public places until the pandemic be managed.

He future noted that communities should learn to change our behavior to combat Covid-19.

He said despite the fight against Covid-19 the county was also going through challenges among them being lack reagents of testing Covid-19.

The acting director noted that plans are underway to renovate Kaptama, Labot and Chepkitale health facilities.

Simotwo urged communities living in the forest commonly known as forest dwellers to continue conserving the forest. He cautioned those trying to interfere with Mt. Elgon forest that they will face the law.

By  Douglas Mudambo

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