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Communities urged to embrace legal channels to resolve disputes

The government has asked people living along the border of Transmara West and Transmara South to use the law as the viable mechanism to resolve conflicts.

Addressing the public at Nkararo on Tuesday, Narok County Commissioner (CC) Isaac Masinde warned that the government will not condone individuals out to use boundary issues as an excuse to cause mayhem and disorder.

The call came after fresh clashes erupted Thursday 27th January 2023, which saw one person killed, a house torched as several acres of cane were set on fire.

“Let us respect the border lines which have been constitutionally placed. The government is no longer going to tolerate boundary related confrontations which have been recurring here since 1956,” he said adding that the neighboring communities have no option other than to live harmoniously for posterity.

Masinde urged those with land related grievances to seek advice from relevant departments and if not, seek the guidance of the courts.

Meanwhile, the CC ordered security team to leave no stone unturned by ensuring proper investigations which will help unearth those behind last week’s attacks.

“We are informed that from last week’s attacks a life has been lost, a house torched and cane burnt,” he said.

“I am calling upon investigating arms to ensure all those behind the attacks are identified and brought to book immediately,” he said revealing that six people have so far been arrested and are assisting police with investigations.

He added that police are also trying to establish if the person who died, may have done so from injuries sustained elsewhere.

By Isaiah Nayika




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