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Community Development Fund Project urged accountablitity, transparency

To ensure optimal utilisation of funds and expedite the progress of community development projects, members of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) Project implementation teams in Marakwet West Sub County have been called upon to exercise prudence and transparency in managing the allocated funds.

The directive comes as Marakwet West legislator, Timothy Toroitich emphasised the importance of accountability for the funds disbursed to various projects under the NG-CDF initiative.

Following his recent visit to the wards within the Marakwet West Sub-County, the legislator has been actively engaging with the local community to garner their perspectives on ongoing projects and prioritise further development endeavours.

He highlighted the critical role of efficient fund management in propelling the community towards progress and development.

This fiscal year, Marakwet West Sub County has earmarked a substantial allocation of funds for both the completion of ongoing projects and the realisation of community-prioritised initiatives, alongside providing essential bursary support for disadvantaged children within the constituency.

Legislator Toroitich stressed that the efficient utilisation of these resources is pivotal in realising sustainable development within the community.

A focal point of the Marakwet West NG-CDF strategic plan is to provide permanent infrastructure upgrades to all primary schools within the constituency. Additionally, the plan outlines the establishment of science laboratories within secondary schools, aimed at enriching the quality of education. Toroitich called upon the project implementation teams to exhibit unwavering dedication and diligence in achieving these strategic goals.

Beyond traditional school development and bursaries, the NG-CDF initiative also embraces mentorship programmes designed to enhance the holistic development of students.

Toroitich highlighted the unique approach of bringing together students from various schools for targeted mentorship sessions. These sessions are carefully crafted to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their examinations and secure high-quality academic achievements.

The legislator’s message resonates deeply with residents, who see these funds as a beacon of hope for improved living conditions and educational opportunities. Community members have expressed their optimism about the transformational potential of well-implemented projects and efficient allocation of resources.

“Transparency remains a fundamental pillar in the success of any community development initiative,” said the legislator. As such, the call for accountability among the project implementation teams underscores the commitment to upholding ethical and responsible practises in resource management. Swift implementation of projects, accompanied by regular and open communication with stakeholders, is expected to foster an environment of trust and cooperation.

By Rennish Okong’o

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