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Community elders should stop misleading their clan’s men, Moyale DCC

Land  grabbers  at Gubaticha area in Moyale Sub County have been put on notice following reports that elders from different communities are telling their clans men to encroach into land that have been declared ‘a-no-go-zone.’

The  Moyale Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Patrick Mumali  while speaking to KNA said that there are individuals who have started encroaching the area where both the National and the county governments had earlier on declared a-no-go-zone.

He  said people are being misled by the community elders and that they will blame themselves afterwards because the government will not allow this to happen.

“The  land is entrusted to the county government of Marsabit and is at the midst of four locations namely Butiye, Golmuda, Heilu and Manyatta Burji locations where three Sub-ethnic communities live namely the Gabras, Borans and Burji,” the DCC said.

He  said that there has been a trend of land grabbers targeting public land after approaching community elders thinking they can get away with it.

“The  sense of impunity in them is that they will acquire the land but let them be warned that if they dare encroach it they will suffer the consequences as they will lose the land and any development that will have been done on the land. Let them know that their days are numbered and they will soon be arrested and prosecuted,” Mumali said.

The  Land  grabbing  issues in Moyale sub-county have been discussed in very many forums recently the Sub-County peace forum committee Chairman, Mohammednur Korme  asked the Moyale security committee and the area sub-county administrator the logistics which were used to lease the Moyale Postal Corporation plot to individuals where very many rental houses have been built.

“If the government does not take quick and swift measures the government will lose all the land and there will be no places for extension if need be and there will be no places to hold meeting in the near future if the trend continues,” the chairman said.

By  Gatana  Muchira

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