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Community living along the railway line told to guard the rail

The  Chairman Jubilee Party in Kirinyaga, Mureithi Kang’ara has decried increasing cases of rail vandalism being experienced in the area and has called on the government to help curb the menace.

Kang’ara said that the destruction of the rail line along the Sagana-Nanyuki route  will hamper the revival of rail services which is envisaged and must be stopped at all costs.

Speaking  at Makutano in Mwea East Sub County  on Tuesday, Kang’ara  said the revival of the line will ease transportation of agricultural produce in the entire Mt. Kenya region besides creating job opportunities for the youth in the area.

“We are asking the President to make it possible that the rail line is revived since there is great potential which can be realized if the railway is operational,” Kang’ara said.

He said vandalism of the remaining lines if not contained may translate to a negative impact to the economic development of the counties especially when they finally resolve to revive the rails.

The  County Party Chairman said the destruction of this vital infrastructure is being executed by who later sell the couplings to established dealers in Nairobi and other major towns.

He  said Mt. Kenya leaders should be supportive of the President in his endeavour to bring development to the region.

“We  are surprised that our leaders instead of engaging the President in initiating projects like the revival of the railway line, they are engaging in petty politics and calling the President names,” Kang’ara said.

The  Chairman  said the revival of the old railway line will go a long way in supporting the export of agricultural produce like coffee, tea, and horticultural produce which is grown in the region.

“Why can’t our leaders see the need of such projects and engage the President on its revival instead of wasting time on issues which are not beneficial to the common mwananchi,” wondered Kang’ara.

He  said the National Youth Service should be engaged in clearing the bushes and make the lines safe from vandalism.

“Instead  of cheap politics telling the President he is killing democracy, we want our leaders to come with the development agenda to be implemented,” the chairman said.

Kang’ara  warned that unless local political leaders keep aside their differences, the region’s unity that is being sought ahead of 2022 general election will not be realized.

He  said disunity amongst the elected leaders could affect the national politics of Mt. Kenya region unless the matter is addressed urgently.

By  Irungu Mwangi

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