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Community now want the regional commissioner to act tough

Members of a community in Madogo, Tana River county who lost 48 goats during a recent attack have called on the Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata to reprimand administrators and security tasked with overseeing the return of the animals.

Addressing the press in Madogo Saturday, the aggrieved community members led by their leaders said that it’s been over three weeks since the incident occurred but their goats were still missing.

On January 19, Elungata issued a two-day ultimatum to one of the warring communities in Madogo to return 48 goats they had rounded up and drove away from a grazing field in the outskirts of the town.

The directive was among resolutions reached during a four hour closed meeting chaired by Elungata between the elders of the two communities that was occasioned by the killing of two people (one from each side) the day before.

The regional commissioner while addressing leaders from both sides after the meeting, also directed that if the goats were not returned within the two days, then the accused community should produce a similar number of goats ‘to be withheld until the 48 are brought back.’

He further directed the DCI officers handling the matter to ensure that those behind the death of the two victims were arrested and prosecuted.

One of the community elders Omar Abadela, confirmed that indeed the directive to have the goats returned was reached in the meeting between elders from both communities that was chaired by the regional commissioner.

Abadela alleged that some political leaders ‘could be interfering with the investigations and further fueling the problem because their community is a minority.’

“We want to know why three weeks after the directive was issued, the goats have not been returned. We want justice and nothing less,” he said.

He said that the ‘other side have powerful people in the government and political class. We read mischief in the whole process and we are asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to come to our rescue.’

On her part, Ramah Munisho who lost his brother during the skirmishes said those investigating the death ‘are dragging their feet’.

Ramah said that his brother who works with the prisons department ‘is being victimized in an orchestrated kidnapping incident in Bangale.’

“Our surviving brother whom we are depending on to look after the deceased children is being victimized. There is a scheme to further torment us. This is not fair,” she said.

by Jacob Songok

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