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Concern as number of street children in Nyahururu town  surge

A non-governmental organisation in Nyahururu town has called for concerted efforts by the county government and other stakeholders to look into ways of controlling the increasing number of underage street children in the town.

According to officials of Laikipia Peace Ambassadors, child neglect, poverty, the high cost of living, and domestic conflict are major contributors to many children leaving their homes for the streets.

The NGO Chairman, Thomas Karei, said the ever-rising number of underage street children in major towns in Laikipia County was worrying and a security threat to residents.

Speaking when the NGO fed over 200 street children in Nyahururu town, Karei noted that the children, particularly the underage, were facing a myriad of challenges on the streets.

“The children are prone to malnutrition because they lack proper feeding and live in deplorable conditions, among others. They need proper reintegration in society and will probably be taken back to school,” said Karei.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Emanuel Mutwiri and Susan Wangari, who called for joint efforts by key stakeholders to help reduce the number of street children.

Mutwiri said lack of proper parenting is the main cause of the high number of young children going to live in the streets in major towns.

Wangari said many of the underage street children were easily influenced to engage in drug and substance abuse.

She also called on parents and guardians to be role models for their children.

By Antony Mwangi

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