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Concern over improper solid dumping in Kilgoris

Narok National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA) Director Mr Fanuel Musango has faulted the county government for lack of proper waste management plan in the town.

He raised concern over improper waste disposal in Kilgoris Town, Trans Mara West Sub County that exposes residents to water borne diseases.

Speaking to the media in his office, Musango said there should be a proper waste management plan from the collecting areas to the transfer station, before the waste is moved to the dumping sites.

“Our mandate is to monitor and advise various government agencies on waste management. We have already written a letter to the county government asking them to manage solid waste in Kilgoris properly. Though they have acted, there is no proper plan to manage the waste,” he said.

Musango said the waste left to decompose in the transfer stations located in various points of the town poses a health risk to the many residents who live in the town.

“Waste in the transfer stations should not be left to decompose. We have given direction that all solid waste in the streets of Kilgoris be transferred immediately to the licensed dumping areas,” said the NEMA Director.

The officer further raised issue with the illegal dumping at the Kilgoris Cemetery, blaming the county government for not putting measures in place that will control the rampant illegal dumping.

“After several deliberations, we have asked the county government to put measures in place that will stop dumping waste materials at the cemetery immediately. The cemetery is not a dumping site, this should be very clear. The waste should be moved to licensed dumping sites,” he reiterated.

The county government should carry out its works seriously, he said, so that the residents can get value for their money as the business community pays taxes to the government.

“We advise the county government that waste transportation, collection and storage should be predictable, so that the members of the public can know how long the waste is supposed to accumulate in a transfer station before it is removed to a legal dumping site,” he said.

His sentiments come days after a number of business communities raised concern over the sanitation in the town due to lack of a proper dumping site.

By Ann Salaton

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