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Concern over rampant suicide cases in Bureti

The youth in Bureti sub-county have been advised to seek support and counselling services from family members or even other members of the community whenever faced with personal problems, instead of committing suicide.

At the same time, the sub-county police commander Peter Isanda has decried the rising cases of suicide in the region over the last one week.

Isanda said four of cases involved young people aged 30 and below, adding that none of the suicide victims left any suicide note.

He revealed that the leading causes of suicide in the region were mainly stress related. “Of late we have recorded incidents of young people aged between ages of 20-30 years committing suicide and this could be out of frustration. I urge this young generation to note that committing suicide is not the solution to their problems. They should learn to persevere.  This trend is not good because within a week we have taken more than four people to the mortuary,” lamented Isanda.

The sub-county police boss said most of the suicide cases may have been triggered by use of drugs and alcohol consumption, which could otherwise have been avoided if the victims shared their problems with other family members to help them identify their stressors and seek constructive ways to manage them.

“Such incidents don’t happen out of sober minds, the use of drugs like bhang and alcohol impairs the mind. It also leads to other crimes including defilement and unnatural offences,” added Isanda.

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