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Concern Over Spread of Covid-19

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has warned that a new wave of Covid-19 infections is sweeping through the devolved unit with fatalities and hospital admissions rising at an alarming rate.

            Mr Kinyanjui observed that in the past one week five people had lost their lives to the pandemic, while eight patients are admitted at Intensive Care Units at various health facilities.

            Speaking to the media at the County headquarters the governor expressed concern that a majority of Kenyans had thrown caution to the wind, disregarding Ministry of Health’s guidelines aimed at containing the spread of the disease.

             “We are concerned with the laxity among Kenyans in observing Covid-19 prevention protocols; our people no longer practice hand washing, social distancing or wearing masks. We are at risk of suffering deadlier effects of the virus.

            Apparently many Kenyans have equated gradual reopening of the country to the death of the virus. We need to remind our people that even with a vaccine in the nearest health facility, Covid-19 will not go away,” warned Mr Kinyanjui.

            He observed that politicians were the weakest link in the fight against the pandemic as they were organizing mass gatherings and openly flouting rules, while ordinary Kenyans were putting their lives on the line by going about their business as usual in major open-air markets, supermarkets, public service vehicles and even in religious gatherings.

            “We have witnessed a string of political gatherings in which participants neither wear masks nor keep the recommended social distancing requirements. These events are potential virus hotspots and may contribute to increasing the caseload.

            Schools were reopened, worship congregations allowed and curfews relaxed on the premise that Kenyans would continue to observe containment measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. This is not happening,” observed Mr Kinyanjui.

            While raising concern on how public vehicles have gone back to carrying the full capacity Governor Kinyanjui sounded a warning that the situation may worsen if people do not change their behaviour and attitude.

            He stated that a disturbing trend was emerging in villages where people were now greeting each other through handshakes and hugs during funerals, parties and other social gatherings.

            “All Kenyans should play a part in curbing the transmissions. We all feel deeply inclined to show family love and care for friends. Yet it is also in these actions that we may end up contracting or passing on the virus to the next person.

            As a county government we will continue playing the facilitative role. This includes early detection through targeted testing and isolation; strict enforcement of the prevailing guidelines as well as requisite education and leading by example,” affirmed the governor.

by Anne Mwale 

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