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Consignment of counterfeit liquor impounded in Murang’a

Police in Murang’a County on Tuesday impounded assorted brands of counterfeit liquor hidden in a local bar within Murang’a town.

Murang’a East Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Thomas Nyoro said that the police confiscated the counterfeit liquor worth Sh200,000 in a bar located in Grogon area after the liquor brands lacked standardization marks for products intended for sale in Kenya.

“We confiscated 17 crates of assorted brands of liquor after they were found without Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) sticker and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) quality mark,” said Nyoro, adding that the said liquor will undergo inspection by the relevant authorities to ascertain their quality standard.

Mr. Nyoro said that the local police coordinated a crackdown following a public outcry over the influx of illicit alcohol manufacturing and distribution in the area.

“There has been an outcry in Murang’a and Mt Kenya region over the rampant consumption of cheap counterfeit liquor in the market centres leading to increased alcoholism among our male youth,” he said.

Murang’a East sub county police commander Mary Wakuu, said Nyoro, coordinated the crackdown operation that raided the liquor outlet stocking counterfeit liquor. The illegal consignment was discovered hidden in a store where only the bar attendant had access.

The DCC said the government has warned bar owners against selling of counterfeit products that are not approved by the relevant agencies in a bid to intervene and reduce illegal alcohol sale and distribution.

“Our standards bodies have educated liquor distribution owners on quality marks such as the KEBS codes and KRA stickers on bottles which they can check to ascertain their drinks are certified,” he said.

The DCC called upon chiefs and assistant chiefs to remain vigilant in enforcement of compliance regulations to eliminate counterfeit liquor sales and illicit brews in the county.

“The National Government Administrative Officers (NGAO) should be on the lookout and report those people manufacturing or distributing illicit liquor in the villages,” he said.

The DCC urged the locals to consume liquor brands they are sure about their quality standard to guard against alcohol-related health complications.

 By Anita Omwenga



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