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Contractor Ordered to Mark Road to Avert Accidents

The contractor working on the St. Mary’s – Gitugi – Mioro road has been directed to do markings and top surfacing of the newly tarmacked road before leaving the site.

Nyoro Construction Company, despite working on the road for eight years, is yet to do road furniture and markings posing risk to motorists plying the road.

The County Development Implementation and Coordination Committee ((CDICC) now wants the contractor hasten working on the remaining auxiliary works before leaving the site.

When members of the CDICC led by their chairman Mr. Mohammed Barre visited the road Monday, nothing much was going on, with an official from the company saying they will mobilize equipment and finish the remaining works within a period of two months.

Barre said top surface and markings needed to be done so as to avert accidents, considering that many motorists especially those from parts of Mathioya use the road.

Nyoro company commenced working on the 40-kilometre road since 2012 and they have delayed citing unforeseen challenges including disbursement of funds.

The road, funded to the tune of Sh2.17 billion is currently motorable but the Kenya Rural Roads Authority regional deputy Director Eng. Joseph Wanjohi told members of CDICC that the contractor has 8 percent remaining works which he need to do before vacating the site.

For instance, the contractor has erected speed bumps at various sections which need to be marked to prevent accidents.

“This road is almost complete but we cannot allow the contractor to leave the site until the remaining parts are duly completed,” added Wanjohi.

He noted that so far the contractor has been paid Sh1.87 billion and the remaining amount will only be cleared after the remaining work is done.

The company has of late come under sharp criticism from local residents after taking extra time to complete with tarmacking the key road which serves a rich agricultural zone.

Since year 2019, the local CDICC has been pushing for completion of the road so as to enable locals to travel and transport their goods with ease.

However, the company has promised to finish the auxiliary works by December this year. “Already top surfacing has started and within two weeks we will complete marking of speed bumps,” said one of the company’s engineers John Mugo.

By Bernard Munyao

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