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Contractors claim treasury officials demanding bribes

A  section of Contractors who rendered their services to the county government of Garissa during the first governor, Nathif Jama are now claiming that some county officials in the Ministry of finance are demanding bribes of up to 50 percent of the total amount before they are paid.

Talking to the press in Garissa town on Monday, the contractors led by Abdirahman Ahmed said the officials whom they did not want to mention have frustrated all their efforts of getting paid.

But in a quick rejoinder Finance CEC, Roble Nunow said that if the contractors are genuine in their claims then they should be bold enough to name and shame them.

Talking to KNA on phone  on Monday, Roble said that the county through a Presidential directive have no option other than to pay the contractors.

“If you have been cleared by the office of the Auditor-General to be paid, then why must you bribe to be paid? I think there are contractors out to malign the county officials for no apparent reason,” Roble said.

“We are under strict instructions to pay all undisputed pending Bill’s. In fact we are not paying contracts that we have awarded ourselves until and when we clear the pending Bill’s,” he added.

The CEC said there are 154 contractors who have been cleared for payment and over 300 others who Bill’s are disputed.

On the same note, we are paying pending bills depending the year one took the contract upwards, he said.

“I want to once again urge the contractors to be patient. We pay as and when we receive the money. Those who have been cleared will be paid,” he said.

Ahmed said that the officials demanding the bribes want the same paid upfront before they commence the process of paying them.

He said they have gone through ‘hell’ with some having their property auctioned by banks to recover their money

The contractor claimed that the county officials have defied the president and the CS Treasury directives to clear pending bills.

They once again appealed to area Senator, Yussuf Haji and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to come to their rescue.

“With Covid-19 pandemic taking tall on the economy, we are faced with hard times

The contractors claim that the county owes them over Sh.1.9 billion in pending bills.

By  Jacob  Songok

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