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Controversy over Aroo sub county headquarters continues

Controversy surrounding the appropriate location for Aroo sub county headquater took another twist after Turkana South MP Namoit Ariko maintaining that the headquarters should be put in Kapelbok and not Kainuk.

Ariko who currently represents Aroo residents in the national assembly has been reading from a different script from some leaders among them Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai and a host of MCAs who are rooting for Kainuk to be the sub county headquarters.

Aroo is among the newly created sub counties in addition to Suguta, Lokichoggio, Lokiriama sub counties that have been gazetted by the government.

Interior cabinet secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki unveiled Lokichoggio sub county last July and installed Isaac Ooko Anyumba as the first deputy county commissioner.

According to Kindiki the new sub counties are meant to bring services closer to the citizens and arrest insecurity.

Ariko said he had conducted public participation in the area and residents supported Kapelbok.

‘Kapelbok has a larger population than any other towns saying that it qualifies and service comes closer to the people. Most developments have always been on the Eastern side of the river and therefore this is an opportunity for development to take place across the river,’ he said.

Further, he said Kapelbok is at the centre of two wards adding that the headquarters will regulate encroachment of the Turkana Land in Lorogon by the residents of a neighboring county.

He accused a section of leaders of sidelining him as the area MP when they proposed Kainuk as the sub county headquarters.

Governor Lomorukai said Speaker Nakuleu, Senator James Lomenen and himself are among the leaders who asked for additional sub counties from the national government and had good reasons for settling on Kainuk.

Lomorukai said Kainuk had better infrastructure and could help in responding to banditry attacks than any other areas.

Speaker of the county assembly Christopher Nakuleu said other leaders would be forced to intervene and ensure the residents of the county do not lose out on the new sub county.

By Peter Gitonga and Ngasike Ezekiel


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