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Cooking gas prices drop by 40%

It’s a relief for Kenyans using cooking gas following a significant drop in the prices of cooking gas for the first time since the Kenya Kwanza administration came to power.

A market survey by KNA in Busia has established that refiling a 6 KG liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder is now between Sh. 950 to Sh. 1100, depending on the company.

At Amagoro shopping centre, it will cost you between Shs. 1000 to Shs. 1100 to refill 6 kg of gas, that is, Power gas, Pro gas, Mwanga gas, Afrigas gas, and Wajiko gas. This is a significant drop from the previous Sh1500, according to the dealers.

Following the implementation of the Finance Act 2023 that exempted cooking gas from taxes, that is, the 8% Value Added Tax (VAT), the 3.5% Import Declaration Fees, and the 2% Railway Development Levy, the gas price has dropped by 40%.

Antony Emojong, a dealer at Amagoro Market, said they have seen changes from their suppliers since the Finance Act became operational.

“With the new price changes, K-Gas 13-kilogramme gas is being refilled at Sh2,500, while the 6-kilogramme cylinder is retailing at Sh1,100 here at my shop. The 13 KG K-Gas has dropped from Sh. 3,200 in December last year to Sh. 2,500 now,” noted Emojong.

His prices were slightly different from those of another dealer at Malaba Market, who retails the 13 kg at Sh. 2,700 for the same brand.

A 13-kilogramme cylinder from Shell/Vivo’s Afrigas at Malaba town is retailing at Sh2,780, while refiling the 6-kilogramme cylinder now costs Sh1,190.

Mwanga Gas is refiling the 13-kilogramme and 6-kilogramme cylinders at Sh2,400 and Sh1,100, respectively. Before tax exemption, it was retailing 13-kilogramme and 6-kilogramme packages of the commodity at Sh3,200 and Sh1,500, respectively.

Even though residents don’t have a full understanding of the Finance Act, they urged the opposition to give the implementation of the act time, hoping it might bring down the general cost of living.

By Absalom Namwalo

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