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Youth encouraged to enroll in technical courses

Nandi Hills Constituency youths have been encouraged to do technical courses, which are often considered an alternative to traditional academic routes, such as University and college, as they are designed to prepare students for a specific career that enables them to take advantage of opportunities in the employment market.

Speaking during the 2023 Nandi Hills Constituency Education and Career Day organised by the area Member of Parliament, Sports Department Principal Secretary (PS), Peter Tum, said youths who have done technical courses and acquired trade test certificates are able to compete in the employment market, both in and outside Kenya.

He noted that technical courses provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, thus addressing any skill gaps in the job market.

The PS noted that the Kenya Kwanza government has made it possible for students to transition to colleges as well as technical and vocational Training institutions because it has ensured that needy students in such institutions are given full scholarships, hence being able to join colleges.

“The only way to become independent as youths is to do technical courses. With this, you cannot be a beggar. Technical courses can help you create self-employment as well as acquire employment elsewhere,” explained PS Tum.

Tum further urged parents to utilise all the bursary funds available to ensure their youths get the necessary skills, adding that education is the best inheritance that a parent can give to children.

He also applauded the area MP for organising education and career events, noting that this is one of the best forums where residents get informed and are given links to opportunities available for youth.

Nandi County Deputy Governor (DG), Yulitta Mitei, commended the MP for being the first legislator in the County to organise Education and Career Day, adding that the County Government is also working towards supporting students from humble backgrounds through the County bursary programme.

“In the Financial Year 2023/2024, as County Government, we have increased bursary allocation from 60 million to 120 million to ensure more students, including those in colleges, benefit,” pointed out DG Mitei.

Nandi Hills Constituency Member of Parliament, Benard Kitur, said with technical skills, youths will be able to secure jobs in government projects, including the upcoming affordable housing projects.

Kitur urged more youths to turn up and enrol in different TTIs and VTCs across the country to equip themselves with the necessary skills in the market, noting that this is one of the ways to tackle the challenge of unemployment among the youths.

“Technical courses ensure that students learn the skills that are in demand and that they are well-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. It is the best approach for youths who want to get started in a specific career as quickly as possible,” explained the Legislator.

He Congratulated 200 youths drawn from different parts of Nandi Hills Constituency who were trained by Kansai Plascon Company LTD on painting skills.

At the same event, Kenya Railways Technical Training Institute Director, Milly Kizili, noted that marine and maritime courses have a minimum entry requirement of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE); therefore, youths who dropped out class eight have a chance to do such courses and secure employment.

“We are the only institution offering marine and maritime courses in East Africa. This is an advantage that youth ought to utilise,” she said.

By Ruth Mainye

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