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Mandera schools prepare for Wajir regional games

One hundred students from various secondary schools in Mandera are eagerly preparing to partake in the annual regional games, scheduled to be held in Wajir County this week.

According to the North Eastern Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association Chairman, Ibrahim Hillow, these talented students selected to represent Mandera County at the provincial level hail from two girls’ and three boys’ secondary schools.

The standout schools that emerged victorious in the intense three-day games competition, involving twelve schools in the county, are Mandera Secondary, Elwak Boys and Girls Secondary Schools, Banisa Mixed, and Moi Girls Secondary School.

The students showcased their prowess in various games such as football, volleyball, basketball, netball, and racket.

Twenty students will compete in football, 12 girls and 12 boys in volleyball, 5 boys and 5 girls in basketball, and an additional 14 and 32 students will participate in netball and racket games, respectively.

Recognising the potential of these talented students, Mr. Hillow urged the County government to provide support to those who demonstrated exceptional skills in various sports.

By doing so, the County aims to empower them and help them succeed in their individual talents and achievements.

During the final football games, where Mandera Secondary School emerged victorious against Lafey Boys, the Director of Education, Mr. Abdi Sheikh, encouraged all the players to strive for excellence and secure a place at the national games in Kakamega.

The annual games were fully sponsored by the State Department of Education, and winners, both at individual and school levels, received trophies and medals presented through the office of the County Director of Education.

Mandera Moi Girls Secondary School emerged as an exceptional contender, securing four trophies and 26 medals after clinching victories in four out of five games. Mandera Secondary School, not only receiving Sh 30,000 but also 23 medals and 2 trophies, demonstrated their athletic prowess, while Elwak Secondary School proudly took home 12 medals.

Banisa Mixed, having triumphed in volleyball, was awarded one trophy and 12 medals for their impressive performance.

The final football match held on July 30 saw Mandera Secondary School shine brightly as they scored two goals against their rivals, Lafey Boys, who scored zero.

The tournament concludes with high hopes of nurturing young talent and fostering a passion for sports among the students of Mandera.

By Adan Mohamed

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