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Kiambu residents engage in clean-up exercise

In a show of commitment to environmental sustainability, the Kiambu County Government, in partnership with Kiambu Health Services and Juja residents, led this month’s monthly clean-up exercise in the area.

The clean-up exercise was introduced earlier this year by the County Governor, Kimani Wamatangi, as a way of ensuring all Kiambu Sub-counties were kept clean in a collaboration between county staff members, the private sector, and the communities at large.

Various community and County staff members during the cleanup. Photo by Hellen Lunalo

Speaking during the event, Deputy Governor, Rosemary Kirika, emphasised the detrimental effects of pollution on the environment and public health.

“It is a well-known fact that pollution poses a grave threat to our eco-system and the wellbeing of the public. It is, therefore, imperative that we take the necessary actions to combat its effects so we can protect and conserve the environment not only for our sake but for future generations.”

“The only way we can successfully combat pollution is through collaborative efforts between the county government and the community. The environment belongs to each one of us; keeping it clean is not just the work of the County. We all need to take part in efforts like this initiative today to make it healthy and sustainable for all of us as a community,” She said.

The County Executive Committee Member of Health Services, Dr. Elias Maina, who was also present at the event, highlighted the significance of the clean-up exercise.

“Pollution not only harms the environment, but also has a significant economic and health impact on any given community and its people that is far-reaching. From increased healthcare expenses caused by toxic carbon emissions from waste substances to diminished agricultural productivity due to soil and industrial waste pollution, We all agree that this is an issue that we all need to be concerned about,” said Maina.

Various community and County staff members during the cleanup. Photo by Hellen Lunalo

The collaborative efforts of the community and county staff ensured that garbage was collected, drainage systems were unblocked, and marketplaces, bus stages, public parks, and road sides were swept.

Jane Wainaina, a fruit salad seller in the area, said she was impressed by the exercise and was happy with the support that the government was giving the community in taking care of the environment.

“As a person who deals with the sale of food items, I have realised that people like to eat in a clean environment, and sometimes the area is not very clean, which means I don’t sell as much as I should. But with this initiative, the market will always be clean, and I will be able to make a good living, which makes me very happy.” She said.

The initiative is in line with the government’s commitment to make the environment sustainable by providing waste separation measures and infrastructure.

By Hellen Lunalo

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