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Corona preparedness in Busia

The  Busia Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Joseph Onyango has asked the planning department to set aside funds for emergencies.

Speaking to both officers from the county and national government at Busia Agricultural Training Centre on Monday, Onyango noted that the level of preparedness for corona virus was very low.

“I am calling upon government officers to improve on planning because without it there will be no development,’ he said.

He stated that there is need to sensitise the local residents on the importance of screening at the border post.

“Some of the locals were giving security officers hard time during the testing for the virus arguing that the disease affects only the well-off people,’ he said adding that the issue should be taken seriously.

The DCC also asked the residents to stop using non designated routes when crossing border and make sure they undergo screening.

“Use established crossing routes to enable you be screened,” he said, adding that some of the goods being carried by the locals are in small quantities that do not attract taxation.

The  administrator  was speaking during the County Consultative forum on County Sectoral Plan Guidelines and CIDP Medium Term Review Guidelines

The  Busia One Stop Border Post (OSBP) Port Health Officer, Dr. Joshua Arusei however, said that his team was fully prepared to handle cases of the virus.

Dr. Arusei  stated that two screening points have been established to ensure that passengers using vehicles and pedestrians are screened.

“We also have a six bed capacity isolation room for suspected cases at the OSBP restaurant and the County government is in talks with Kenya Revenue Authority officer to allow us to utilise the entire building,” he said.

He reiterated that local residents should ensure that they are screened explaining that the virus is not discriminatory as believed by a section of residents.

By  Faith Shikanda/Salome Alwanda

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